Material frontier leading to New Quantum Phenomena

The discovery of new phenomena is at the forefront of research in condensed matter physics. This is particularly true for the inorganic materials, which provide an important basis in current electronic and information technology research, which keep providing numbers of macroscopic quantum phenomena due to correlations among the Avogadro numbers of electrons. Thus, the search for new materials that exhibit new characteristics is one of the most exciting and important projects in the materials research. We have synthesized new materials in so-called strongly correlated electron systems including transition metal compounds and heavy fermion intermetallic compounds. Our interest lies in quantum phenomena such as exotic superconductivity and metallic spin liquid states close to a quantum phase transition, Berry phase effects in magnetic metals, and quantum spin phenomena in magnetic semiconductors.

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1. Novel phase transition and transport phenomena induced by magnetic frustration

A) Metallic quantum spin liquid and chirality; Pr2Ir2O7
B) Field induced quantum metal-insulator transition; Nd2Ir2O7
C) Spin and orbital entanglement on a disordered hexagonal lattice; Ba3CuSb2O9
D) Quantum magnetism and phase transition on a triangular lattice; NiGa2S4
E) Quantum Spin Liquid

2. Quantum criticality and superconductivity

E) Unconventional superconductivity and anomalous metal near a quantum critical point
F) Quantum criticality and magnetism of heavy fermions under pressure
G) Multipolar order

3.Topological quantum conductivity in transition metal magnets

H) Lage anomalous Hall effec in Weyl semimetal

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Date Contents
2015.8.3 Magnetic Anomaly due to the Non-Coplanar Antiferromagnetic Spin Structure in NiS2<published in JPSJ>
2015.3.10 Novel superconductivity mediated by quantum orbital fluctuations<published in Physical Review Letters>
2013.5.30 Quantum criticality in a metallic spin liquid system Pr2Ir2O7 <published in Nature Materials>
2013.5.30 Quantum Monopolar Fluctuations in the Exchange-based Spin Ice System Pr2Zr2O7<published in Nature Communucations>
2013.5.29 Heavy Fermion Superconductivity in the Ferroquadrupolar State in the Quadrupolar Kondo Lattice PrTi2Al20<published in JPSJ>
2012.12.26 Evolution of c-f hybridization and two component Hall effect in β-YbAlB4<published in Physical Review Letters>
2012.5.7 Kondo effects and multipolar order in the cubic PrTr2Al20<published in Physical Review B>
2012.5.4 Spin-orbital short range order on a honeycomb lattice Ba3CuSb2O9<published in Science>
2011.4.27 Anisotropic heavy Fermi liquid formation in α-YbAlB4<published in Physical Review B>
2011.5 Magnetic control of chiral domains in the chiral spin states of Pr2Ir2O7<published in Physical Review Letters>
2011.4 Novel successive phase transitions and phase diagrams of Rb4Mn(MoO4)3:  A model compound in quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnet<published in Europhysics Letters>
2011.1.21 Discovery of "quantum criticality without tuning in the mixed valence compound β-YbAlB4"<published in Science>
2009.12.9 Discovery of "Spontaneous Hall Effect as Evidence of Hidden Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in a Frustrated Magnet" <published in Nature>
2008 Quantum Criticality and Superconductivity in the New Heavy Fermion System β-YbAlB4 <published in Nature Physics and Physical Review Letters>
2007 2D Frustrated Magnetism vs. 3D Spin Order in the Chalcogenide Triangular Antiferromagnets NiGa2S4, FeGa2S4, and Fe2Ga2S5<published in Science and Physical Review Letters>

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2013.3: APS March Meeting 2013(Baltimore, USA)

2013.2.25: ISSPワークショップ「強相関電子系における価数揺らぎと量臨界性」(物性研究所)

2013.1: 重い電子形成と秩序化第4回研究会 (東京工業大学 大岡山キャンパス)

2012.11: 第6回 物性科学領域横断研究会 (東京大学 浅野キャンパス)

2012.11: 量子スピン系の物理 (京都大学)

2012.10: KITP Conference: Exotic Phases of Frustrated Magnets(Santa Barbara, USA)

2012.9: 日本物理学会2012年秋季大会 (横浜国立大学)

2012.9: 新学術領域研究「重い電子系の形成と秩序化」ワークショップ〜カゴ状構造に宿る強相関物性〜 (首都大学東京 南大沢キャンパス)

2012.8: Quantum Criticality & Novel Phases 2012(Dresden, Germany)

2012.8: Innovations in Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems: School and Workshop (Trieste, Italy)

2012.6:International Seminar and Workshop on Quantum Matter from the Nano- to the Macroscale (MPI, Dresden, Germany)

2012.6: The 19th International Conference on Magnetism with Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES) (Busan, Korea)

2012.6: Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2012 (HFM2012, McMaster University, Canada)

2012.5:Itinerant Spin-Orbital Systems: From Magnetic Frustration to Novel Superconductivity International Workshop (Dresden, Germany)

2012.4: International ISSP-MPIPKS Workshop on Impurities and Textures in Unconventional Magnets (Dresden, Germany)

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2011.9: 日本物理学会2011年秋季大会 (富山大学五福キャンパス)

2011.9: Tokyo-Cologne Workshop on Strongly Correlated Transition Metal Compounds (Cologne, Germany)

2011.8-9: International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES2011) (Cambridge, UK)

2011.8: International Conference on Ultra Low Temperature Physics (ULT2011)(Daejeon, Korea)

2011.8: 26th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (Beijing, China)

2011.7: フラストレーションが創る新しい物性第7回トピカルミーティング「フ ラストレーションとスピン・電荷・軌道・格子自由度」(彦根、滋賀県)

2011.5: Japan-Canada (CIFAR/MEXT Network) Joint Workshop on Frustration in Condensed Matter (Vancouver, Canada)

2011.5: Japan-Canada (CIFAR/MEXT Network) Joint Workshop on Frustration in Condensed Matter (Vancouver, Canada)

2011.5: CNLS conference “Novel Phenomena in Frustrated Systems” (Santa Fe, USA)

2011.4: FIRST プログラム「強相関量子科学」理論フォーラムワークショップ (東京大学QPEC共催)「スピン物性物理学の将来展望」(東京大学, 東京)

2011.4: 2011 Hangzhou Workshop on Quantum Matter - Unconventional Superconductivity and Electron Correlations (Hangzhou, China)

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2011.3: 日本物理学会第66回年次大会 (新潟大学五十嵐キャンパス)

2011.3: American Physical Society, March Meeting, Symposium “Quantum Spin Liquids”

2011.1: International Conference on “Frustration in Condensed Matter”(仙台国際センター, 仙台)

2011.1: 新学術領域研究「重い電子系の形成と秩序化」ワークショップ 〜Yb系重い電子化合物における電子状態と新しい物性〜 (姫路市 姫路商工会議所)

2010.12: International Conference “Physical Phenomena at High Magnetic Field VII”(PPHMF VII, Florida, U.S.A.)

2010.10: フラストレーションが創る新しい物性第6回トピカルミーティング「フラストレーションと量子輸送」(宮島、広島県)

2010.10: 久保シンポジウム (東京)

2010.9: 日本物理学会2010年秋季大会 (大阪府立大学中百舌鳥キャンパス)

2010.9: International Conference on Heavy Electron (首都大学東京南大沢キャンパス)

2010.8: Provisional Schedule ICTP Workshop, Principles and Design of Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems (Trieste, Italy)

2010.8: Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2010 (HFM2010, Baltimore, U.S.A.)

2010.6-7: International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES2010) (Santa Fe, USA.)

2010.6: International Conference on Core Research and Engineering Science of Advanced Materials (Global COE Program) & Third International Conference on Nanospintronics Design and Realization, 3rd-ICNDR (Osaka University Convension Center)

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2010.3: 日本物理学会第65回年次大会 (岡山大学津島キャンパス)

2010.3: American Physical Society March meeting 2010 (Oregon Convention Center, U.S.A.)


2010.2: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council / Japan Science and technology Agency workshop (The De Vere Univestity Arms, Cambridge, England)

2010.1: フラストレーションが創る新しい物性平成21 年度領域成果報告会 (京都大学基礎物理学研究所パナソニック国際交流ホール)

2009.12: RIKEN Workshop on "Emergent Phenomena of Correlated Materials"(Wako, Saitama, Japan)

2009.11:第3回物性科学領域横断研究会(東京大学武田先端知ビル5F 武田ホール)

2009.9: スーパークリーン特定・若手秋の学校 (南阿蘇)

2009.9: 日本物理学会2009年秋季大会 (熊本大学黒髪キャンパス)

2009.9: 9th International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity "M2S-IX"(Tokyo, Japan)

2009.8: 新学術領域研究「重い電子系の形成と秩序化」第2 回研究会 (広島大学東広島キャンパス)

2009.8: International Conference on Quantum Criticality and Novel Phases "QCNP'09" (Dresden, Germany)

2009.7: 特定領域研究「フラストレーションが創る新しい物性」第4回トピカルミーティング「フラストレーションとカイラリティ」(有馬温泉メープル有馬)

2009.7: International workshop on "Topological Order: From quantum Hall systems to magnetic materials (Dresden, Germany)

2009.7: ISSP International Workshop on New Developments in Theory of Superconductivity (ISSP, Univ. of Tokyo)

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2009.3: 日本物理学会第64回年次大会 (立教学院池袋キャンパス)

2009.01: International Workshop on Quantum Critical Phenomena and Novel Phases in Superclean Materials "PSM2009" (Hawaii, USA)

2009.1: 特定領域研究「フラストレーションが創る新しい物性」平成20年度成果報告会 (東大物性研)

2009.1: 特定領域研究「異常量子物質の創製−新しい物理を生む新物質−」2008年度 成果報告会 (東京大学駒場 キャンパス 東京大学生産技術研究所 An棟コンベンションホール)

2008.12: 特定領域研究「フラストレーションが創る新しい物性」第3回トピカルミーティング「フラストレーションとスピン液体」 (神戸大学百年記念館六甲ホール)

2008.12: スーパークリーン特定・平成20年度研究成果報告会 (奈良県新公会堂, 奈良市)

2008.11: The 2nd International Symposium on Anomalous Quantum Materials (Yasuda Auditorium, Univ. of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)

2008.9: 日本物理学会2008年秋季大会 (岩手大学上田キャンパス)

2008.9: スーパークリーン特定・若手夏の学校 (伊豆熱川)

2008.08: Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2008 (Braunschweig, Germany)

2008.08: The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems "SCES08" (Buzios/Rio, Brazil)

2008.8: 25th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (Amsterdam, Netherland)

2008.07: International Workshop: Spin Helicity and Chirality in Superconductor and Semiconductor Nanostructures (Karlsruhe, Germany)

2008.3: 日本物理学会第63回年次大会 (近畿大学本部キャンパス)

2008.03: APS (The American Physical Society) ( the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.)

2007.12: KIAS Workshop on "Quantum Magnetism" (Seoul, Korea)

2007.12: 特定領域研究「異常量子物質の創製−新しい物理を生む新物質−」新しい物理を生む新物質若手の会 第三回会議「異常量子物質をどう理解するか?」 (熱海後楽園ホテル)

2007.09: Conference "Motterials: Spin, Orbital, and Lattice Physics Near the Mott Transition" (Santa Barbara, California)

2007.9: 日本物理学会第62回年次大会 (北海道大学)

2007.8: The 15th International Conference on Crystal Growth "ICCG15" (Salt Lake City, USA)

2007.08: I2CAM Workshop(1-1-5 Materials: The Rosetta Stone for the Kondo Lattice) (Aspen, Colorado)

2007.05: The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (Houston, USA)

2007.01: International Focus Workshop on Mobile Fermions and Bosons on Frustrated Lattices (Dresden, Germany)

2006.09: International Workshop on Strongly Correlated Transition Metal Compounds II (Cologne, Germany)

2006.08: Highly Frustrated Magnetism 2006 (Osaka University)

2006.06: the 2006 Summer Program of the Aspen Center for Physics (Aspen, Colorado)

2006.06: An ICAM/UCOP (Snowmass, Colorado)

2006.3: 日本物理学会 (松山大学)

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